Jonty Watt


Jonty has 23 years experience working for firms in London, Geneva and Sydney (Australasia and Asia Pacific) specialising in:


-     Fixed Income Bonds.
-     Equity Derivatives
-     High Yield and Distressed Debt
-     Interest Rate Derivatives
This experience results in the ability to offer first hand advice regarding both established high volume, low margin products (eg. Liquid Bonds, Euro/Sterling/USD Interest Rate Swaps) and more recent high margin businesses (eg. Inflation Swaps, Emerging Market products, Illiquid Bond and Asset Swap Markets, Credit Derivative Markets and Bio Fuel Markets).
For the three years prior to establishing WATT Search and Selection Jonty was employed as “Internal Head-Hunter” and Business Marketing Manager at a leading US institution working closely with the Executive Management with the dual mandate of building and enhancing the company profile with the client base and employing teams and individuals from competitor companies.